With three universally acclaimed albums, with the latter reaching gold status, Minor Majority are solidly established on the domestic circuit. The quintet is fronted by mellow and thoughtful Pål Angelskår, whose beautiful and melancholic tunes have seen heavy airplay the last year. Minor Majority’s quiet and captivating hit-single “She Gave Me Away” spent months on the national radio charts, pawing the way for the collective’s latest album “Up For You & I” released on the domestic market in January 2004. It has since sold to gold. The album was recently released in France, Switzerland and the Benelux-countries to wide critical acclaim. An accompanying tour has solidified the quintet’s grip on a growing international audience.

Solid songsmithery and captivating melody lines is what Minor Majority is all about. The band needs not to bang the drum to be heard; Angelskår’s voice hooks you on from the first note, delivering charming lyrics with a nerve and melodies that won’t leave your head.
Minor Majority play the Frannz at the Kulturbrauerei on Wed. 29 September. sd
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