Throughout his life, Harald Sæverud (1897-1992) was one of the most distinctive figures on the Norwegian music scene. His desire to express himself to and his will to seek unique solutions to the artistic challenges presented by each new work gave rise to a personal musical idiom, easily recognisable as “Sæverudian”. Many of the characteristic traits which make Sæverud’s music so easily recognisable are ubiquitous in his music, and not least in the works for solo piano. This mammoth five-volume box sees renowned Norwegian pianist Einar Steen-Nøkleberg interpreting Sæverud’s complete piano works. A massive undertaking that has led to a magnificent documentation of Sæverud’s legacy. If one is to determine a common denominator for the works presented in this box, one could emphasis the highly individual development of each part. This development gives the music a distinctive dissonant quality, and when the rhythmic element in each part is treated similarly freely, the en result is that tonal quality refereed to above as “Sæverudian”.

Harald Sæverud: Complete Piano Works Vol. 1- 5 (Naxos Norway AS)sd
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