Vågå Spelemannslag marked the ensemble’s 50th anniversary in 2002 with this album. Since its founding in 1952 this band of fiddlers (spelemannslag) has played a considerable role both locally and in a national context. The aim of this recording is to give the listener an impression of the breadth within the local music traditions that stem from the area of Vågå, situated in the north-western part of the Gudbrandsdalen valley. Vågå Spelemannslag have won a string of awards at the regional and national folk-music competitions, and have also toured internationally in among other countries Belgium, Scotland, Germany and the US.

Vågå Spelemannslag: Takk for sist! (Vågå Spelemannslag VS2002)sd
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Genre\Folk / Traditional\Norwegian, Listen to Norway - promotion\2002:B