“I take it back where it all started from/fat beats and bass lines and rhymes”, sings Jester, one of the hip-hop veterans in Norway. And correctly, “Beautiful Decay” is packed with bold beats, playful piano tunes, and triumphant trumpets. Jester’s lyrics float along topics such as Oslo’s underground, individuality, and reasons for doing the job yourself. All these years on the hip-hop scenes, still, this is only Jester’s second album. Part of the reason is that Jester is putting in several hours for others, mixing and producing for acts such as Apollo, Femte Collon, and Gatas Parliament. He presents himself as a “self made down-to-earth-guy” who makes no short cuts to achieve success or quick releases. Solid “Beautiful Decay” proves that Jester is a man of his words.

Jester: Beautiful Decay (Rhythm and Rhymes)sd
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Genre\Popular Music\Hip Hop / R&B, Listen to Norway - promotion\2003:B