In addition to the wide range of fine Norwegian artists and acts set to perform at the Scene Norway events at London’s Kings Cross venue, several key players are also performing as part of the London Jazz Festival’s official programme.

Mathias Eick scopes wider than your traditional jazz musician. The young Norwegian multi-instrumentalist has played with a variety of outfits across the spectrum of genres. -From drone rock to deathpunk, from hushed electronica to big band jazz. But he is probably best known for his role in that powerhouse of new Norwegian jazz; Jaga Jazzist, where he played trumpet. Eick’s debut as band leader, The Door, saw its release on the prestigious ECM label. In 2006 Eick was voted the world’s best young jazz talent by the Organisation of International Jazz Festivals and the International Association for Jazz Education.

Widely regarded as one of the new leaders of contemporary European jazz, Trygve Seim has released a string of applauded solo records and contributed to a wide range of other releases since he immersed himself in the Nordic jazz tradition in his early teens. If the now-characteristic “Nordic” cry is part of his sound, many other elements have since been assimilated. The free jazz of Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler had a ma­jor liberating impact while he was attending the prestigious jazz course at the Trondheim Conservatory. Seim has also acquired a passion for the music of the Far East, especially the flute traditions of Asia (the duduk, the shakuhachi) and Eastern vocal music generally. An interest in Bud­dhism, too, has left its imprint on his distinct style.

Date: Monday 17th of November

Time: 7:30pm

Venue: Southbank Centre - Queen Elizabeth Hall

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