Carl Nielsen’s two sonatas for violin and piano have many similarities. Their formal compositions are based on classical models in which the dialogue between the instruments is important. The tonal phrases and juxtapositions are bold and unexpected, and the development of motifs is central to the structure. The tonal character is rich, ranging widely from complete gravity to sparkling humour. Lotsberg and Gimse command complete attention throughout the two rich and unmistakably distinctive pieces. Many of the two sonatas movements lends themselves to free and improvisational playing, a fact the two interpreters utilise to full extent. Gimse and Lotsberg manage to showcase a richness of expression that forms an impressive and lasting tribute to Carl Nielsen.

Geir Inge Lotsberg & Håvard Gimse: Carl Nielsen – Sonatas for violin and piano, opus 9 and 35 (Afontibus / Musicservice – ATB CD3)sd
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