The puzzling title of this album is an indicator of the varied selection of works interpreted by Lerstad and Dingstad. Obviously, clarinet is the featured solo instrument, and the pieces are all penned by Norwegian composers. The release is rich in contrasts as tempo, dynamics, expression and harmony vary wildly. Known for his intense and almost fearless approach to his instrument, Terje Lerstad is the right man to take on such a complex challenge. With solid accompaniment by pianist Dingstad, Lerstad reaches for his instrument’s limits as he moves through one piece more complex than the previous one. The duo manages to bring forth a set of interpretations that are bound to set a new standard for contemporary clarinet works.

Terje B Lerstad & Tore Dingstad: Lyrical Punk Clarinet – Norwegian clarinet music (Hemera / Musikkoperatørene – HCD 2942)
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Genre\Classical\Contemporary, Listen to Norway - promotion\2002:A