‘Turning Pages’ is the fourth instalment in a series that aim to document the developments on the Norwegian jazz scene from 1920 to 1980. On ‘Turning Pages’ the focus is on the active and rich period between 1960 and 1970. The repertoire spans from mainstream and contemporary jazz to traditional tunes and swing as well as more experimental and free outings. Profiled performers include such central figures as Rowland Greenberg, Laila Dalseth, Karin Krog, Egil Kapstad, Svein Finnerud and Jan Garbarek. The release paints a vivid portrait of an active period in Norwegian jazz history; the scene was ripe with talent, ensembles, venues and releases as witnessed by the strong track-listing on ‘Turning Pages. This compilation is not only an important historical document; it is an integral and rewarding record featuring some of the strongest practitioners on the Norwegian jazz scene.sd
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Genre\Jazz, Listen to Norway - promotion\2004:A