This Oslo String Quartet recording features diverse works by three central Norwegian contemporary Norwegian composers: Magnar Åm, Ragnar Söderlind and Lasse Thoresen. Åm’s work The Silver Cord features material that the composer leaves to free development, resulting in a floating, almost unearthly atmosphere. Åm’s interest in improvisation is evident given The Silver Cord’s free approach to notation and performance. Söderlind’s string quartet features a style of composition that is could be described as an appealing immediacy. The work is highly tonal in character and based on relatively few well-chosen chords while the rhythmic motifs could almost be described as minimalist. Thoresen’s Aion begins calmly and develops gradually to emerge as a breath of eternity. The use of dissonance and dynamics becomes increasingly pressing until the work reaches its dramatic climax. Gradually the piece reverts to the beginning calm atmosphere rounding out a completed musical cycle.

Oslo Strykekvartett: The Silver Cord – Works by Åm, Söderlind, Thoresen (Aurora ACD 5028)sd
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