The third quarter sales figures from the Association of Norwegian Record Distributors (GGF) indicate a healthy growth on the domestic phonogram market. As of September 2004, more than 3,3 million units have been shifted on the Norwegian market resulting in an increase of 9% in volume and 4% in value compared to third quarter 2003.

Total accumulated sales so far in 2004 amount to 8,4 million albums shifted, 649 000 singles sold and 174 000 music DVDs handed over the counter. This makes up for a total turnover of NOK 581m ($ 88,2m/€70,5). This represents a slight decrease compared to last year: down 1% in volume and 4% in value.

August sales
As of August, total accumulated sales were at a stable level compared to last year. This month’s sales figures represented a 10% increase in volume and 7% in value compared to August 2003. Sales of CD albums were up as much as 18% in volume and 10% in value compared to last year. DVD music sales have sky-rocketed over the last years, but this trend has come to a stalemate now with decreasing sales – the August figures show that DVD sales are down 34% in volume and 35% in value. Sales of singles are also down – 40% in volume and 40% in value.

Domestic repertoire made up for a whopping 29% (according to Norwegian standard that is) of the total album sales.

These were the August 2004 market shares:

Universal 23,6%
EMI Recorded Music 19%
BMG 10,3%
Warner 10%
Sony 9,4%
Bonnier Amigo 8,1%
Tuba 4,6%
Playground 3,8%
VME 3,4%
Master Music/Naxos 2,5%
MO 2,2%
Bare Bra / Tylden 2,1%
KKV 1%

Total sales amounted to a turnover of NOK 58,9 ($ 8,9m/€ 7,1m)

September figures
The September sales statistics from GGF show a slight decrease in sales of phonograms - down 2% in volume and 9% in value compared to 2003.

Sales of CD albums are up 1% in volume and down 7% in value compared to last year.

Sales of singles are down 32% in volume and 43% in value compared to last year.

The downward turn on the DVD music market continues into September. This market segment has seen a formidable growth over the last few years but in September 2004 sales were down a staggering 53% in volume and 55% in value. Lack of repertoire has been cited as a reason for this drop in sales.

Domestic repertoire made up for 20% of the album sales (compared to 27% in September 2003).

These were the September 2004 market shares:

EMI Recorded Music 24%
Universal 21,4%
Warner 12,9%
Bonnier Amigo 9,3%
Sony 8,4%
BMG 7,4%
Bare Bra / Tylden 4,9%
Tuba 3,4%
Playground 2,3%
MO 2%
Master Music/Naxos 1,8%
VME 1,6%
KKV 0,7%

Total sales amounted to a turnover of NOK 87,2m ($ 13,2m/€ 10,5m)sd
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