Composer and keyboardist Frode Fjellheim’s ‘Aeilies Gaaltiie – the Sacred Source’ is a recording of a commissioned work for the 2000 Festival of North Norway is an Arctic mass based on South-Sámi liturgy that is fused with Finish, Norwegian and European influences, resulting in a strong musical, cultural as well as religious testament that is destined to challenge, engage and touch listeners at home and abroad. The powerful mix of traditional Sámi joik and electronic elements within the frame of a religious mass with contributions from such skilled and diverse performers as fiddler Susanne Lundeng, Finnish vocalist Sanna-Kurki Sunio, Sámi artist Ulla Pirttijärvi and guitarist Nils Olav Johansen (Transjoik and Farmers Market) presents the listener with a coherent and monumental work that conveys Sámi traditions in a highly aesthetic contemporary format. sd
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