It can be hard to imagine that El Caco is three guys from LillestrÝm, a suburb of Oslo. Solid Rest implies rather a group of angry bikers, riding through the desert, followed by clouds of dust and the toxic smell of burning rubber. Because El Caco has returned with more thunder after their success debut Viva. Inspiration from Black Sabbath and Queens Of The Stone Age is still audible, but ōyvind Osa (vocal), Thomas Fredriksen (drums), and Anders Gjesti (guitar) have also inhaled some Alice In Chains lately. Singer Osa hammers at the wall of sound created by Gjesti’s biting guitar and Fredriksen’s thunderous drums, unleashing one mighty torrent of sound upon another. This album rocks stone-cold classic, and could write El Caco’s name in more solid ground than desert.

El Caco: Solid Rest (Black Balloon Records)sd
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Genre\Popular Music\Rock / Metal, Listen to Norway - promotion\2003:B