Last week’s ya Festival went down as a solid success, with each night being completely sold-out, no cancellations, impeccable organisation and a satisfied crowd. The four-day open-air festival, the club nights and other ya-related events drew a crowd of 77 500 - breaking all previous records. The open-air concerts in Oslo’s Mediaeval Park drew more than 15 000 concert goers each day.’s Brian Howe has submitted a long, thorough and very well-written ya report that captures the spirit and ambiance of the Oslo festival really well. Writes Howe: “In terms of booking, organization, and accessibility, ya is one of the better festivals I've attended. The stages were far enough apart to avoid sound bleed-over, but close enough to navigate without wearing out your legs. The schedule was kept with clockwork precision-- every band I saw started on time, and there were no unfilled slots due to last-minute cancellations.”

Read Howe’s entire excellent ya report here.

Canadian bloggers Exclaim were also flown in to cover the Oslo festival and have also come up with a long and entertaining festival report.

The Telegraph’s Tim Burrows has posted a short but positive blog entry on his Oslo visit last week.

New, Danish-based site (which looks very promising) has also posted a review of the Oslo festival.

Another promising initiative is Norwegian site N Music which is also offering its take on last week's festivities.

More festival reports will be added to this article in the coming days. sd
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