With the clarinet at the centre of its sonic landscape, Streif explore a wealth of styles and genres on ‘NÝring’. The unusual line-up consists of accordion, euphonium, clarinet, guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, percussion and Jew’s harp. The ensemble’s repertoire centres mainly on Norwegian tunes, but Streif also draw inspiration from a wide spectrum of European styles such as Turkish taksim, Caribbean waltz, Jewish nigun or Hungarian czarda. The unique mix of traditional Norwegian elements and foreign influences secures the ensemble a solid identity. States Streif on their approach to their music: “Our music reflects the soul of the musician – always searching for new ways to express him/herself, never settling into one tradition, but moving on to new challenges and sources of inspiration.” On ‘NÝring’, Streif have managed to accomplish this – to fuse diverse styles and to create new forms of expression. sd
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Genre\Folk / Traditional, Listen to Norway - promotion\2004:A