The band calls itself a retrospective music collective. Hailing all from the important musical city of Trondheim -a place of rock and the kind of weltanschauung that rock represents, one might endeavour to claim - Moving Oos is something of a supergroup; with all that t relaxed attitude that comes from tons of experience. The all-star team comprises members and former members of such groups as New Violators, the International Tussler Society, Cadillac, Dadafon and others. But the collective has a definitive leader and that is Per Borten, one of Norway’s most prolific and astonishingly talented musicians.

Experiencing international success with New Violators, a band which hints at an eighties aesthetic, and clever dark-sexy pop songs, he has simultaneously found time to be the driving force in a very different kind of band. For Moving Oos is also very much his achievement, being as he is, responsible for writing the songs and giving the band its flare of that fat sophisticated guitar distinctive of the style. Borten’s amount of musical energy and creativity is remarkable; filling different roles and creating great music, of diverse genres, with apparent ease.

The Moving Oos released their debut, “Peace and Love,” in February of this year. And since then their renown, first of all as a live act has grown steadily. The recurring reaction among festivalgoers and record buyers alike have been astonishment at the sheer magnitude of the band; such great songs and such mastery of the huge soul-rock format is not something everyday for a Norwegian band. Power, energy and the delicious dynamic of a stage full of people, and let us not forget the fabulous soul power in lead singer Frankie Castello’s voice, make Moving Oos an unequalled live experience. As proof of their impact Moving Oos won the prize for best newcomers at the Alarm Awards this week. sd
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