On ‘Seljordsmarsjen’, master Hardanger fiddler Knut Buen presents a unique recording of traditional tunes in the tradition of legendary players Řystein Langedrag and Leiv Sandsdalen who hailed from the Telemark County. ‘Seljordsmarsjen’ not only features renditions of the traditionals, it also includes transcriptions of the tunes, thus representing a vital source of documentation and a vital educational tool for aspiring Hardanger fiddlers. The repertoire is made up of traditional marches and dances that are masterfully executed by Buen and his trusty fiddle who together conjure up images of the master players of the past. ‘Seljordsmarsjen’ represents a lasting legacy and a vital piece of documentation of a rich musical heritage which is now preserved in an exemplary fashion. sd
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Genre\Folk / Traditional\Norwegian, Listen to Norway - promotion\2004:B