‘Maiden Voyage’ is an entertaining collection of 14 rare grooves that were played on the Norwegian scene between 1966 and 1976. This historically important and utterly grooving compilation tracks the developments on the funk, fusion, R’n’B and soundtrack scenes that previously had only been available on obscure and out-of-print 7”/12” vinyl singles and 8 track tapes. Respected DJ Lasarus has done a tremendous job in various archives, libraries and in dusty attics, digging up old and forgotten gems that now are given new life on the ‘Maiden Voyage’ sampler. Highlights include Karin Krog’s rendition of the title track, Difference’s acid-tinged space psychedelia, the Bendik Singers’ Afrotid and Arne Nordheim’s take on psycho-jazz on the track Solar Plexus.
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