On their second album (yes it’s a band, not a solo artist), Jim Stärk continue to refine what they began on their acclaimed debut release: strong, subdued, sometimes understated, emotionally rich and integral songs strongly anchored in the post-Nick Drake tradition. Sure, there are loads of bands out there that attempt to do the same thing but few, if any, come as close as Jim Stärk do. Vocalist Einar Stokke Fadnes’ subtle vocals are backed by minimalist and pulsating rhythm section work and rich chords on Rhodes, piano and organ and the band demonstrate an uncanny ability to hold back and take their time. Recorded live in an old parsonage in the rural south of Norway, “No Time Wasted” sounds intimate and close, almost as if the listener sits in the recording technician’s control room. Quiet, soothing, aesthetic – many phrases can be applied to Jim Stärk’s music. However, one thing remains certain; you won’t waste no time listening to Jim Stärk.

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