One of the most pressing problems facing the composers of our time has to do with the overwhelming abundance of differing styles existing side by side. The composer’s difficulty lies within choosing what comprises a relevant musical statement. With “Objects of Desire”, Buene demonstrates with full clarity that he is a genuinely original voice that without difficulty is able to unite apparently repellent elements into a rich and well-articulated oneness. Objects… is unique in that composer Buene allows jazz-pianist Christian Wallumrød to improvise the piece’s entire solo voice. Buene creates a musical room, in which Wallumrød’s playing unfolds, creating a passionate meeting between two traditions that caress each other at several points along the way.

Oslo Sinfonietta: Eivind Buene – Objects of Desire (Albedo ALBCD20)sd
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Genre\Classical\Contemporary, Listen to Norway - promotion\2002:B