CEWBEAGAPPIC is a collection of antagonisms: complex/easy, white/black, electronic/acoustic, groovy/ambient, programmed/played, improvised/composed. To make the list even longer, nu jazz is another term frequently used to describe Beady Belle’s music. All the sounds are produced in a soft sound image with a comp consisting of bass, drums, piano, and electronica. Beate Slettvoll Lech’s beautiful voice is dreamy and expressive, flying away as a balloon in the blue sky, “I’m a fluttering helium balloon/I will rise up in the air this afternoon.” Slettvoll Lech has written all the lyrics, while another famous nu jazz name, mr. Jazzland Recordings, Bugge Wesseltoft, has co-mixed the album.

Beady Belle: CEWBEAGAPPIC (Jazzland Recordings)sd
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Genre\Jazz, Listen to Norway - promotion\2003:B