Tellusalie (tell us a lie) is an energetic country-pop power trio from the city of Fredrikstad. ”Tangerine Dreams” is their first full album following their debut EP from 2003.
The trademark of this band is the finely balanced energy of their music. Its myriad catchy fragments are sewn together into short songs that seem “full”, i.e. vibrantly whole. At the same time the songs also have insidious properties, so that they gain on the listener unconsciously, who soon might find himself arrested. The countryesque elements provide depth and calm to the songs and thus make the music many-layered and therefore enduring, rather than simply immediately charming.

Tangerine Dreams is produced by some of Norway’s most sought-after young studio wizards, and it is clear that this record has been a project of enthusiasm and good vibrations. The sheer superfluity of addictive little details in the songs and the production testifies to a successful formula. sd
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