Susanne Sundfør continues the expansion of her musical universe with her new album, ”The Silicone Veil”, a follow-up to the critically acclaimed, platinum-selling ”The Brothel ”(2010), which spent 30 weeks in the Norwegian album charts and sold more than 40 000 copies.

Lead single ”White Foxes” was immediately well received by Scandinavian critics, bloggers and tweeters across the world. The track was written for the hotly anticipated Norwegian/Swedish film ‘Verden Venter’ – set for release in 2013 – in which Sundfør will appear as herself.

”The Silicone Veil” is set for UK release on 15 October 2012 through Sonnet Sound, with the physical release of ”White Foxes” preceding it on the 8 October.

Where ”The Brothel” was seen to gravitate towards a dark, cold and closed musical expression, ”The Silicone Veil” contains melodies that hint of warmth and fullness, bound in multifaceted and complex soundscapes. The album lyrics, however, point in a different direction: towards despondency and the loss of illusions, faith and hope. They explore our inability to understand the difficult times we find ourselves in and appreciate the consequences of the lives we are leading, rather than denying them. Thematically, The Silicone Veil centres on the blurred boundaries between one state of being and another, between life and death, between people, and between us and the Earth. As Sundfør summarises it: “Apocalypse, death, love and snow”.

"…make Adele’s songs sound like nursery rhymes…" The Guardian

"…jaw-droppingly intense, but that stems from her single-mindedness rather than her geographic origin." MOJO

Bouth her resent albums the first self-titled album “Susanne Sundfør”(2007) and the second “The Brothel” (2010) was nominated and awarded Spellemannspris Awards (Norwegian Grammy).

Susanne Sundfør was born and grew up in Haugesund, Norway. She currently resides in Oslo. Over the years Sundfør played a long list of gigs at home and abroad with a 2005 gig with Tom McRae being one of the highlights. Often compared to songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Carole King, Sundfør also draws inspiration from artists like Jeff Buckley, Radka Toneff, Ane Brun and Thomas Dybdahl.Her lyrics often deals with personal subject matters such as “Africa, America”, “Time out, time”, “It’s all gone tomorrow” or contemporary issues (“Opium”).

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