On their 2001 release “Angelo is back in town” gypsy swing veterans Hot Club de Norvège gather a fine crew of guests young and old for a string laden affair. Joining in on this their twelfth album is French guitar virtuoso Angelo Debarre and young Norwegian violin wunderkid Ola Kvernberg. The Hot Club de Norvège have been around for more than twenty years, and through time they have matured and developed their distinct approach to the gypsy swing. Led by guitar virtuoso Jon Larsen the Hot Club swing and romp through a selection of tunes where both Debarre and Kvernberg are given room to showcase their amazing solo abilities. Virtuosity and interplay are present in equal amounts, resulting in a consistent and mature release.

Strong tunes and flawless playing – it’s the good stuff.

Hot Club de Norvège: Angelo is back in town (Hot Club Records / Musikkoperatørene – HRCD140)

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Genre\Jazz, Listen to Norway - promotion\2002:A