The 19-year-old Norwegian singer released his breakthrough debut album ”Faces Down” fall of 2001. It was rumoured that Sondre was the male version of Norwegian singer Lene Marlin and when the album finally came out, critics agreed that he was indeed as talented as her, if not more so. Foreign critics often compare him to Beck and Travis.

2001/2002 has been an adventurous period for Lerche: he has toured Norway, played at the biggest festivals and won a Norwegian Grammy. ”Faces Down” was later released in various European countries, France being the main focus. Sondre has been to Paris to promote the album, and he went on a short tour there in May.

The album was released in the UK and in the U.S. late September. Again he got nothing but great reviews, and he is promoting the album this fall. First up was his successful tour in England with Irish singer Gemma Hayes which ended October 10th, and now he is heading for the U.S. to promote his album and hopefully go on a short tour as well.

In between touring and promoting he is also currently working on his second album in his Bergen hometown along with producers J°rgen TrŠen and HP Gundersen.

- We listened to the sketches and live-demos that the band and I have been recording lately, and everything fell into place, Sondre said on his web-diary a few weeks ago.
It's rumoured that the new album will have a more primitive rock sound than Faces Down, but there is no telling before the release that is sometime next
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