Still grounded in suave electronica, Peterson now approaches her audience on a more personal level. Through intelligently naive lyrics that insinuate instead of implicate the listener, she avoids falling into the trap of the moping cliché-laden singer-songwriter with an agenda. Instead, Frost leaves the door to her little universe half-open, allowing the listener to come in, or just enjoy the elegantly assembled tunes and soothing vocals through the crack.

"Melodica" was created together with house- and techno-veteran Per Martinsen, who has contributed much to the electro-organic feel of Melodica: - We used analogue synthesisers on most of the record, together with an organic, sort of bubbly-feeling base-beat. This, together with some crackling sounds from an old record, set the mood we were looking for at the outset of the record, says Frost.

- Then we started packing on lots of loops, drumbeats and effects, to add more dimensions to the songs. We worked hard to find just the right feel, and struggled for a long time, but until we started taking everything back down to basics, nothing seemed to click. Then, suddenly, it was there. Gradually, we were left with a handful of less complicated, but more interesting tunes that worked really well. Right now, my gut instinct tells me we've put together a good record. Melodica has turned out to be one of those records for slow Sundays, instead of a Friday night clubthumper, and that suits me just fine, says Frost.

"Melodica" is available through Universal Music Norway. More information about Frost can be found on her web-site: www.melodica.nosd
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