Dvergmål is an ensemble of Norwegian traditional folk musicians. Its four members all contribute vocally -the tradition to which they belong is a predominantly vocal one- and on select traditional instruments such as the Hardanger fiddle, the harmonium and the langaleik. Their previous release, already eight years old, was nominated to the “Norwegian Grammy award” Spellemannsprisen. The current Song i himmelsalar (song in heavenly halls) is a collection of “holy songs” by Elias Blix, Norway’s perhaps most revered psalm composer and the first to write psalms in the alternative ”new Norwegian” which was created on the basis of rural dialects and forbidden in churches until 1892.
Dvergmål had been working on and off with Blix’s material for a long time, but only after a they received a special commission that seemed tailored to the project, was it completed and performed live. Subsequently the material was recorded and became the record here presented.sd
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Genre\Folk / Traditional\Norwegian, Listen to Norway - promotion\2004:B