Live recordings are very intriguing. At the two new CDs from Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra we can even hear people cough during the quieter parts. But more importantly, we can sense the energy Mariss Janson transmits to his musicians in Oslo. This is a “wish you were there”- recording, even though the CDs clearly reflect the nerve, the intense colours, and the lyrical dimension of the performance. Mariss Jansons received the international "Toblacher Komponierhäuschen 2003/Casetta die composizione di Dobbiaco 2003" for the recordings done in Oslo October 1999 and December 2000. While in Oslo, Janson challenged the orchestra to become an ensemble of greatness, which is fully confirmed in the performance of the two symphonies. Especially the 9th symphony is rendered with intense elegance and exquisite details.

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra/Mariss Jansons: Gustav Mahler; Symphonies no. 1 & 9 (Simax Classics)sd
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