With their feet solidly planted in the post-Weather Report tradition of jazz-rock, Cucumber Slumber manage to avoid the pitfalls of their genre (i.e. lengthy, show-off solos), and instead concentrate on the groove and the melody. The result is a pulsating and bubbling affair, filled to the brim with powerful rhythm-section work, high-octane keyboard playing and intense sax blowing. “New Cumber” is a tribute to the best of 70’s fusion, and the collective manages revitalise and actualise that heritage. Band members Tor Yttredal (sax), Ståle Storløkken (keys), Mattis Kleppen (bass) and Trond Kopperud (drums) are all graduates of Trondheim’s prestigious Jazz Conservatory, an institution that has produced most of Norway’s new generation of top jazz performers. By bringing in contemporary influences in the shape of elements of electronica, the quartet manages to pour fresh blood into the veins of fusion.

Cucumber Slumber: New Cumber (Bergland Productions / Musikkoperatørene – BE004-2)
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