This three volume series of re-issues presents some of the most central albums produced by beloved troubadour and songwriter Lillebjørn Nilsen who has been a central voice on the domestic music scene since the late sixties. These three albums were recorded in the seventies and represent some of the most standard-setting pieces of (then) vinyl released during the vibrant and flourishing Norwegian troubadour/folk/singer-songwriter scene. The often understated and hushed ballads come ripe with political content, testament of the scene’s leftist agenda and a sing of the times. Many of Nilsen’s tunes are now firmly established in the public mind – most people can sing at least a line or two from his timeless songs. Nilsen’s quiet voice, carefully finger-picked nylon string guitar and powerful lyrics have contributed to the making of a modest but important giant in Norwegian cultural life. His songs have made it to the public school’s songbooks and his guitar instruction book has been perused by a vast majority of today’s six-string toting
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