The Mormones has distilled rock down to its pure essence: bass guitar, drums, and vocal. On this Ramones-inspired debut album, Simen Jeistad (drums) and Morten Lunde (bass) from Lillehammer have dropped guitars, and they combine catchy melodies and witty lyrics with a barrage of thumping bass chord riffs and propulsive percussion. The album is produced by Mark Nevers (Lambchop, Will Oldham) in his Beech House Recording studio in Nashville, who has given The Mormones the appropriate primitive garage expression. And the young duo is not wasting any time, 14 songs in less than half an hour is impressive for one of Norway's most rated live acts.

The Mormones: Guide to Good and Evil (Trust Me Records)sd
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Genre\Popular Music\Rock / Metal, Listen to Norway - promotion\2003:B