“So much depends upon a red wheel barrow” is based on a work commissioned for the Vossa Jazz Festival in 2001. By way of popular demand, Eldbjørg Raknes’ compositions made their way onto CD the following year. With a playful and multi-faceted sense of creativity as a solid foundation, Raknes has created an album that spans from mellow and lyrical ballads to free improvised avant-garde noise antics. All of the tunes on “So much depends upon a red wheel barrow” are composed by Raknes, while the lyrical content comes from such acclaimed names as Frederico Garcìa Lorca, Kurt Schwitters and William Carlos Williams. With thorough understanding of and respect for the lyrical material, Raknes has composed lasting melodies that are bound to give her a wider audience.

Eldbjørg Raknes: So much depends upon a red wheel barrow (Platearbeiderne ANS PLACD 2002)sd
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Genre\Jazz, Listen to Norway - promotion\2002:B