In September 2011 a hushed crowd gathered in the Kunstmuseum in Kristiansand. As part of the Punkt Festival there was an installation by David Sylvian, and among the musicians were Sidsel and Philip. As Sidsel passed the musical baton to Philip there was a ripple through the audience. Something magical and beautiful had happened. Neither Sidsel nor Philip had heard of the other before and they hadn’t performed together. This is an opportunity, at Conexions, to see where these much renowned musicians will go.

The second Conexions proved a success; Norwegian vocal icon Sidsel Endresen teamed up with UK turntablist master Philip Jeck for a warmly welcomed duo gig at Oslo’s Victoria in late Feb.

Said Sidsel Endresen in an exclusive interview with MIC Norway prior to the gig: “This will be a real musical challenge and I look very much forward to playing with Philip!”

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Sidsel Endresen interview by MIC, and Philip Jeck profiled by Mike Harding of Touch.

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