Rarely do albums come more beautiful than vocalist Susanna Wallumrød and keyboardist Morten Qvenild’s ‘List of lights and buoys’. This stripped-down, bare, minimalist and touching release is nothing short of a tremendous debut. The highlights are many, but it’s impossible not to dwell on the duo’s intriguing rendition of Dolly Parton’s classic Jolene, a version that is stripped of its country tinge, revealing that only six notes are needed to render a compelling version of the song. The minimal set-up of keyboard, harmonium and autoharp provides a vibrant range of textures for Wallumrød’s elegiac, wandering vocals to coil around. The odd configured but at the same time highly structured rhythm is combined with the strength of Wallumrød’s vocals and her peculiar clipped intonation, steering ‘List of lights buoys’ away from predictability. A must listen. sd
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