It is not so audible at first, but amid the soft voice of vocalist Håvard Hernes and his crew of experienced musicians from Norwegian success bands such as deLillos and DumDum Boys, we can sense a discrete eastern sound in Brand New Antiques. Blister went to China to record the album in a shutdown soy factory just outside Beijing. The Chinese cither zheng played by Chang Jing gives this otherwise rockish album a unique touch. The veterans Lars Lundevall (guitars, deLillos) Aslak Dørum (bas), Atle Karlsen (keyboards, both DumDum Boys), and Rune Lindstrøm (drums) have together with Hernes created an album filled with melancholic rock à la Mew, emphasised by Hernes’ tender voice and longing lyrics; “I don’t know how to smash the pain that I feel for you my love.”

Blister: Brand New Antiques (Blister Records)sd
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Genre\Popular Music, Listen to Norway - promotion\2003:B