The 22-year-old works out of Stockholm, her city of residence, and it was there that she got her musical train on the track; putting together a band and starting to raise eyebrows with some fiery demos and a number of unforgettable club shows. Still, she is Norwegian through and through, and it is in Norway that her career has been taking off; with spot lit performances at industry conventions and festivals and in terms of winning two important newcomer competitions Zoom and Urørt (untouched).
Her music is fiery; bursting with punk energy but with such exasperatingly strong melodies that the energy breaks free of its own grip and transforms into pure intoxication. Red in tooth and claw, but blue in heart and both black and white in mind: Her pop songs are desperately cheerful in a cathartic way; “melancholy gone partying,” is her own description. “I love and hate all my songs,” she relates to NRK, (Norwegian national broadcasting) “I’m a songwriter, I could die for my songs.” So she takes herself seriously indeed, but this is not just talk, for the songs vibrate with just the same all-out exposure and determination. -As does her live shows, which are always marked by intensity and the unrestrained presence of the person: Ida Marie is an artist who throws herself at the audience. Yet there is always an undertow of humour and irony in place to balance it all and it is probably this juxtaposition of the bleedingly sincere and a lot of clever irony, in sing-along cloaks, that makes her such an irresistible artist.
The specifics regarding the album are yet not clear but it will probably be released in the fall and the working title is simply Ida Marie. This summer she will be playing a number of big festivals in Norway and Scandinavia, among them Quart, Øya and Sweden’s Hultsfred.

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