Moldestad is perhaps best known for her work with ensembles such as Spindel and Fjøgl, but she’s also widely recognised for her work as a solo performer.

Moldestad’s formal training took place at the Ole Bull Academy where she was one of the students at the inaugural class.

The natural playfulness that’s inherent in much of Norwegian folk music is the basis of Moldestad’s live performances. Blessed with a natural charisma and an ability to entertain, Moldestad captures the audience with her energetic and infectious playing. Much of the material she presents from the stage is derived from the rich tradition of her home region: Nordfjord.

Moldestad’s career has not been restricted to domestic activity only. Over the last couple of years she has toured and performed in South-Africa, Russia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Scotland and Palestine to name a few.

Moldestad plays a central role at the Førde Folk Music Festival. She is the director of Saturday’s opening night concert – “Meeting place Førde”. Moldestad will also host the
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