The latest sales figures from the Association of Norwegian Record Distributors show that the positive trends in October have been reversed. Music sales (including both physical units as well as downloads) suffered a 10% decline in November when compared to last year. Sales of physical units fell 15% in volume and 14% in value while sales of domestic repertoire rose 8% in volume and 21% in value. Last month the domestic percentage ended at a very positive (for Norwegian artists at least) 45%.

Sales of singles were down 50% in volume and 47% in value in November compared to last year.

Sales of DVD music releases increased 24% in volume and 38% in value.

So far in 2006, 9m albums, 243 000 singles and 319 000 DVD music releases have been sold resulting in a total turnover of NOK 608m ($99m/€ 45,5m). Compared to 2005, this represents a reduction of 13% in volume and 14% in value for sales of physical goods. Download sales so far in 2006 account for a NOK 22m ($3,6m/€2,7) turnover. Combined sales figures for physical goods and download sales show a recline of 11% so far in 2006.

These were the market shares in October 2006:

Universal 28,5%
Sony BMG 18%
EMI Recorded Music 12,8%
Warner 9,3%
MO 7,8%
MBO Sales Norway 5,2%
Bare Bra / Tylden 4,7%
Bonnier Amigo 4,6%
Master Music/Naxos 3,6%
KKV 1,7%
Playground 1,6%
VME 1,1%
Tuba 0,9%sd
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