This concert is the culmination of the Grieg Society of Great Britain’s commemorations of the centenary of Grieg's death. It features the Society’s Patron, cellist Raphael Wallfisch, and three other highly internationally acclaimed artists, with a programme comprising songs and chamber music, including the rarely performed Andante for Piano Trio.

The concert on the 29th of November features such prolific performers as Raphael Wallfisch (cello), Philippe Graffin (violin), Soloveig Kringelborn (soprano) and Gunilla Süssmann (piano).

The repertoire features a selection of key Grieg works: Andante con moto; Violin Sonata No. 1 in F Op. 8; Jeg elsker deg Op. 5 No. 3; Med en vandlilie Op. 25 No. 4; Langs ei ċ Op. 33 No. 5; Moderen synger Op. 60 No. 2; Lys Nat; Lyric Pieces; Haugtussa Op. 67; Cello Sonata in A minor Op. 36.

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