On his latest solo outing, renowned guitarist, songwriter and vocalist Vidar Busk takes a giant leap toward a position as a preacher of modern soul. In the past, Busk has been more of a back-to-the roots blues player with the occasional raspy vocal track thrown in for good measure. On “Love Buzz”, Busk takes the step fully into the hip-swinging territory of soul and r’n’b and even strays into the waters of hip-hop. For a man that has been labelled the great white hope of Norwegian blues for years, this is a bold move that is surely set to bring Vidar Busk out to a wider audience. “Love Buzz” features a wealth of rolling and pulsating grooves, laid-back and confident vocals and solid backing from a competent crew of musicians. Be sure to check out the opening track “Rock and Bowl” that deftly fuses soul, blues, latin, hip-hop and r’n’b into a truly infectious and irresistible concoction.

More stuff is available at Vidar Busk’s site.sd
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