On this sterling album, violinist and Grieg Trio member Sølve Sigerland has chosen to explore Bjarne Brustad’s (1895-1978) violin capriccis with skilled support from viola player Lars Anders Tomter. Brustad was one of the first Norwegian composers to embrace impressionism, and at a later stage he developed a strong interest in Norwegian folklore and neo-classicism. The works on this disc showcase the composer’s life-long project; to capture a national and modern tonal language. The result is free-flowing and lively contemporary music with a touch of genuine Norwegian folk music. Sigerland displays bravery as well as maturity when he tackles the challenge of keeping the material still fresh, fifty years after it was written. A crucial element in Sigerland’s interpretations is his ability to allow the pieces to breathe – he doesn’t rush the pace and maintains an admirable calmness. The calmness is contrasted by a vital dose of temperament, and coupled with the inspired interplay with Lars Anders Tomter it results in a worthy tribute to the composer. sd
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