This all-girl outfit has had the dubious pleasure of being labelled "the next big thing" for years. To say that the anticipation mounting in anticipation of Furia's debut album was strong is a mild understatement. With tunes such as "Superlove Vibrations" the Bergen five-piece display an air of confidence that belies their tender ages and modest recorded output. Their gutar-driven indie tunes ebb and flow with a bristling energy that is equally preserved in a live or a recorded format. The young and confident band has growing international ambitions, and armed with such bittersweet and multi-faceted songs as displayed on their debut album "...and then we married the world", Furia will no doubt be claiming more hearts in the time to come.

Earlier this year, Furia put on a stunning performance at the Eurosonic Festival in Holland. The band has also performed successfully at In The City.

Furia play the Club 23 Silver at the Kulturbrauerei on 1
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