Primarily the Academy recruits new musicians to the Berliner Philharmoniker itself; perhaps the best orchestra in the world, led by the legendary Herbert von Karajan for more than 30 years. Together with the Wiener Philharmoniker it is indeed in a league of its own; the champion’s league, as Elisabeth puts it in a recent interview with the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

As part of her education she has been playing with the orchestra for more than a year; completing 131 concerts. This fall her final examination recitals are due, the formal examination that decides whether she will be taken up as a professional member of the orchestra.

Last night Elisabeth was among the 130 musicians form the Berliner Philharmoniker who spellbound the audience in Oslo’s new Opera house.
-Every single musician plays on an extremely high level and everyone displays almost explosive energy and will. To play with them is a dream; in fact being admitted to the Karajan Academy was the dream of my life. Now I play all the time, ten hours a day, and I’m really living the dream, says Elisabeth. sd
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