Traditionally, the releases included in the Listen to Norway shipments have been reserved for journalists, promoters, various organisation execs, librarians and Ministry of Foreign Affairs personnel. Courtesy of the presence of Listen to Norway on the web, a wider public has now access to the rich and diverse sounds that are on offer.

This page compile all Listen to Norway presentations published on the web, creating a unique platform for sonic exploration. Ranging from the latest pop and rock releases to twisted electronica, central historical classic releases, genre-bending contemporary, children’s tunes and exploratory improvisation, MIC’s Listen to Norway services can offer sounds for every taste.

Most of these releases will be available for legal download long before the actual physical record is available in international territories. Some of these releases can be very difficult, if not impossible, to obtain in some countries thus making the efforts of MIC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs important with regards to promotion and future distribution.

Read more on the Listen to Norway programme here.

Listen to the featured releases included in the various Listen to Norway shipments here. The packages of records are shipped twice a year hence the a/b titles:

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