One could argue that Kr°yt have created a musical universe of their own. Drawing on a number of influences ranging from electronica to jazz to contemporary sounds they have come up with something special. An unusual instrumentation consisting of guitar, vocals and vibraphone gives this trio a highly individual sound, one that’s difficult to compare to other acts. The trio displays a complete control of dynamics and utilises nearly all the colours of the sonic palette. Their tunes can be challenging but in an instant they might make a u-turn, pleasing your ears with carefully crafted melodies intertwined into lush vibraphone chords and guitar fills. The lyrics are partly their own, partly the work of distinguished writers like Walt Whitman, Christina Rossetti and even William Shakespeare. Seemingly bursting with creative energy, this outfit is destined to continue pushing the boundaries of Norwegian music.

Kr°yt: One heart is too small (Yonada / MNW – YON CD 1)sd
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