With an applauded 2008 release in their bag; the aptly titled ‘Black Vodoun Space Blues’ bring their trademark sound to the North American audiences with gigs in the US and Canada in June.

Pirate Love combine the attitude of punk with the momentum of splendid rock, and further, -with the melodies and song structures of sophisticated psychedelia and true pop. They are young, make great songs, and they know it. Modesty is not the key word here, rather a morning freshness of body and soul that will have none of the dust. In a way Pirate Love manifests a very belated development in Norway: Rock has for a very long time been a matter of lads from the provinces seeking the city light and ending up as docile players in a social democratic system. Pirate Love make it plain that they have no desire to conquer Oslo and Norway and then settling down. They want out, for real, and they make no secret of it whatsoever. Their music is about this deeply felt necessity; it is a brilliant rage against the silent acceptance that nothing ever happens and no-one really dares.

“Pirate Love mixes a delightful refreshing blend of garage, punk, rockabilly and goth, in the veins of The Cramps, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Nirvana and The Stooges.... a primal sound with references to hate, drugs, revenge and violence in a gorgeous package. Sincere sounding, and one can only surmise that the songwriters have had some serious misadventures along the way......"Black Vodoun Space Blues" is an excellent debut from a band that has chosen a path that hasn't already been trampled to pieces.-- ABC News

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