LateNightTales is a special series issued by Azuli Records under the slogan “Musical stories worth staying up for” The label goes on to describe the LateNightTales thus:
“Our special series gives artists and producers the opportunity to select their favourite tracks for home listening. The series is an ideal opportunity for the artists to express their tastes and musical background and to take the listener on a journey through their musical inspirations. Normally we ask our chosen producers to compile an album of their favourite music that inspired them to make music their profession - their favourite of the favourites.”

For Lindstrøm this means such names as Carly Simon, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Dusty Springfield, Sly and the Family Stone etc. He has always been one to rely on his love for traditional song writing and played music in his ventures into the whimsicality of modern day disco dance. Thus the mix series gives an opportunity to display this in all concreteness. But it’s not all vintage stories Lindstrøm wants to retell, he has also included many more contemporary tracks on the compilation. And thus Lindstrøm’s curator job –one previously undertaken by the likes of The Flaming Lips, Air and Belle and Sebastian- has the pleasant merit of simultaneously introducing a bygone era of great song writing to those normally not inclined to delve into the past and juxtaposing these tunes with fresher stuff of the same Lindstrømian approval. So the result might just be a cross-generational dance party; mum and dad are posed to find themselves intimately acquainted with the coolest of the dance floor tunes this summer, albeit in a new, remixed guise.


01 Alf Emil Elk - "To You"
02 Fern Kinney - "Baby Let Me Kiss You"
03 Gina X Performance - "Kaddish"
04 Sly and the Family Stone - "In Time (Album Version) (Clean Version)"
05 Carly Simon - "Why".
06 Todd Rundgren - "Born to Synthesize"
07 George Duke - "North Beach"
08 Dominique Leone - "Conversations" (aka "Conversational")
09 Anja Garbarek - "I Won't Hurt You"
10 Rainer Bloss - "Pan Americana"
11 Terje & Thomas - "Regnbågan"
12 Jean-Philippe Goude - "Energie"
13 Smash Band - "Grand Drums"
14 Farah - "Law of Life"
15 Lindstrøm - "Let It Happen (Exclusive Vangelis Cover Version)"
16 Dusty Springfield - "Baby Blue"
17 Pekka Pohjola - "Pressure"
18 The Lovin' Spoonful - "Coconut Grove"sd
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