One of the most vital ensembles at the current Norwegian folk music scene, Sør–Fron Spelemannslag marks its 25th anniversary with a second album. The members have made a tremendous effort in preserving local musical traditions, teaching it to new generations and perfecting the performance of a vital cultural heritage. The album’s title Milstein (Milestone) is a reference to the ensemble’s present status, as years of hard work has enabled them to reach this milestone. Drawing on such a rich, local music tradition the orchestra has chosen a collection of traditional dances which are brought to life by the 27-piece collective. Vitality is a key word that comes to mind as one hears their interpretations of earlier generations dance music. Let’s hope they’re not content with reaching this milestone – there’s probably another one 25 years down the road.

Sør–Fron Spelemannslag: Milstein (SFS / Musikkoperatørene – SFS1)
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Genre\Folk / Traditional\Norwegian, Listen to Norway - promotion\2002:A, Press\Outside Norway