Mari Boine is widely regarded as one of the Sami people’s foremost musical ambassadors. Her latest album, Eight Reasons, is a bass heavy, hypnotic, and powerful affair which will maintain her position as one of Norway’s prime ethnical musical ambassadors. After several releases and years of performing, she has gained that confidence many artists strive for. She has found her way of expression and continues to explore the musical possibilities that are created when traditional Sami elements meet modern instruments and production techniques. Many of the tunes are characterised by a powerful and organic groove with plenty of the deepest of frequencies. On top are fragile and simple melodies that create a rich texture that breathes life into the hypnotic rhythms.

Mari Boine: Eight Seasons (Universal – 017 019-2)sd
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Genre\Folk / Traditional\World / Crossover, Listen to Norway - promotion\2002:A, Press\Outside Norway