Wednesday saw Norwegian hardcore act Rumble in Rhodos winning the "Favourite new international artist" award at the Independent Music Awards which is stage during the music industry event Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Canada.

The other nominees in the "Favourite new international artist" category were Norway’s Annie and Finland’s Disco Ensemble as well as Figurines and Iron On.

February saw Rumble in Rhodos releasing their debut album ‘Own Me Like The City’ (Mas-Kina Recordings/Tuba) in Norway to critical acclaim in the domestic press. The band has toured extensively on the domestic circuit and has also performed at such key festivals as Oslo’s ya. Live reviews have been unanimously positive in the domestic press. The RiR discography also includes the acclaimed EP ‘The Weight of This Mistake’ (2003).

Other winners at the Independent Music Awards were:

Album: Funeral, the Arcade Fire.

Group or duo: Death From Above 1979.

Video: Neighbourhood 3 (Power Out), the Arcade Fire.

International artist or group: Franz Ferdinand.

International album: Silent Alarm, Bloc Party.

Wrote Fader Magazine (UK) in its review of Rumble in Rhodos ya Festival gig in Oslo last august: The sleeper band of the festival is also the recipient of the Dr Dog Award. Rumble In Rhodos are five young norwegian dudes who are on some At The Drive In shit with slightly softer angles. The lead singer plays both Blood Brothers at once, singing one line with a Cedric Bixler Zavala high voice, then drops down into a really nice low singing voice. The songs are great, but they get the Dr Dog Award for being young dudes that don’t try to act like rock stars, or anything at all for that matter. They don’t dress up like assholes and they don’t pose. One guy does have a kinna crazy mustache, but it looks awesome and he’s Norwegian so maybe it’s not weird. But yeah, RIR just play great hardcore-ish rock and are psyched about it. So are we.

Rumble in Rhodos are scheduled to play an additional Canadian Music Week gig at the Drake Hotel in Toronto on 3 March. sd
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