These formal honours express again what the billboard lists of the past years have made evident, that Stargate’s Mikkel S. Eriksen and Tor Erik Hermansen are among the most influential songwriters currently around. The ASCAP awards they received last night were for the following radio hits of 2007:

“Hate that I love you” (Rihanna), “Because of you” (Ne-Yo), “Wait for you” (Elliott Yamins) “Irreplaceable” (Beyoncé) and “Tattoo” (Jordin Sparks)

Of these “Irreplaceable” was the biggest smash. Reaching number one on the billboard list and in countries all across the world, it was one of the great songs of 2007.

Stargate were expecting to win prizes, relates Hermansen to the Norwegian daily VG, but not five of them. -It is a very special experience to be called up on the podium five times in the presence of Quincy Jones, Lionel Ritchie, Justin Timberlake and the likes.

The Kodak theatre –that symbol of the American entertainment industry- is indeed a long way from Stargate’s starting point in Trondheim Norway, and in a way it is hard to see how they could climb any higher, for they have indeed reached the very summit of pop music.

Yet they keep working relentlessly from their base in New York. -For the love of music one would assume, and with ever new monster hits in sight.

In 2008 they started out at the very top with the song “With You” performed by Chris Brown reaching number one in February. Then Rihanna’s “Don’t stop the music” reached number two. So; first and second place on the world’s most important hit list, and it is still only April! sd
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